Rapid Viz CoverYears ago I wrote a book called Rapid VIZ.

It was a very successful book and helped many learn the power of quickly drawn images. But over the years I’ve dramatically refined, unified and simplified my approach. It became a  tool to help people see what was formerly invisible to them – helping them gain some much needed insights and unique new skills.

And interestingly, those who caught onto what I was up to with this approach automatically started to use drawing as a part of  their thought and communication processes. I found it so easy to do that I missed its importance until some close friends reminded me of how it had so deeply affected them. Thick headed me.  I think this kind of drawing came so naturally to me that I was blinded to how it had so profoundly changed others who were new to it.

So, I listened to my friends and I’ll put this new visual process into a book.

At the core of this process is a simple integrated system of visual note taking for the capturing, generating, retrieving and communicating of ideas.

As I have time, I’ll put this book’s ideas/pages here:

RVn cover


RVn Concept Building











RVn Kindergarten











RVn pages Figures











RVn Everthing











RVn Evolutionary











RVn Move











For now, we’ll have to make do without all the book’s pages with the material that follows.

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